Beginner Level English 1 - Foundations

Beginner Level English 1 – Foundations

This online English course will teach you everything you need to get started with your English studies.

This online English language course will teach you about some of the most simple parts of the English language in clear, and easy to understand language. English is spoken by more than 1.5 billion people in the world, and 360 million of them are second-language speakers. This course will teach you essential English grammar, useful English vocabulary, and lots of tips and tricks to help you get started with English.


In this English course for beginners, you will first study the English pronouns such as I, You, He, She, and It. You will then learn the English alphabet from A to Z with an audio file that will teach you how to pronounce the letters properly. Next, you will learn how to start a conversation, introduce yourself, and say simple greetings such as ‘Hello’, “Good morning”, and ‘Good evening’. You will then learn some really important English words to help boost your vocabulary.

Once you know how to use your new English vocabulary and have learned the correct pronunciation of the alphabet, you will learn to identify singular and plural nouns and how to use them correctly. Next, you will learn to recognise the forms of the important English verb ‘to be’. By mastering these simple English words and grammar rules, it will be much easier for you to learn new English words and new rules in the future.

This basic English learning course is perfect for students who have little or no background in English. With the help of the audio file that comes with the lessons, this course will make it easy to learn the pronunciation of the alphabet and new words the right way. The lessons covered in this English for beginners will help you take some really important steps in no time. So, check out the course now and start learning English today!


Having completed this course you will be able to:

  • Recognise forms of the verb “To be”
  • Recognise Pronouns
  • Discuss and understand A to Z
  • Recognise how to say Hello, Good evening, etc
  • Identify how to introduce yourself
  • Recognise how to start a conversation in English
  • Identify 15 important words
  • Recognise singular words
  • Recognise plural words

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