Learn English Online

Learn English Online

In this online english course learn all about the English language and gain an accredited certification from top language coaching experts.

English Class Overview

  • Speaking: parts of speech, auxiliary verbs
  • Speaking: tenses, quantifiers, requests and offers, relative clauses
  • Speaking: descriptive language; adjectives, comparatives and superlatives
  • Speaking: telephone manner, advice, obligations and permission, English for travel
  • Writing: punctuation, linking words and phrases, emails, job applications, written CV

English Course Content

module 1

Diploma in English

Reintroduction to the English Language

This first English class will introduce the course and outline the course objectives and content. You will be reintroduced to the basics of the English language, which will prepare you for the lessons to come. You will also practice sounding polite in your spoken English.

Talking About Now

Next, you will begin to master the present tenses and learn how to talk about your work routine, your weekend, and what you are doing now. You will also explore the different types of verbs and how you can change the focus of a sentence with the passive voice.

What Happened in the Past?

In this online English class, you will further develop your knowledge of the tenses by looking at how to talk about the past. You will also learn how to regulate your speech by making an opinion stronger or softening negative comments. Moreover, this lesson will explore relative clauses and learn vocabulary for different times and places.

Amazing Descriptions!

This lesson will further develop your descriptive language with a look at the different forms of adjectives and how we use them. You will learn how to make comparisons and even talk about limits and restrictions. You will also take an in-depth look at the difficult world of adverbs to improve your fluency when speaking.

Spoken English for Telephones

Here, you will learn those all-important skills for speaking English. This class will focus on your telephone manner and how to use your voice to sound more fluent. This will be supported by the future tenses for scheduling events and exposure to modal verbs for permission and advice.

Talking Like a Native

In Lesson 6, you will hone your spoken English by learning the language you need to travel the world with. This will include everything from the use of idioms, to a look at the different phrases used from one English-speaking country to another. This lesson will really help you speak like a local.

Written English for Emails

This online English class will equip you with all the skills you need to improve your written English, with a focus on professional emails. The lesson will cover stylistic conventions, connectors and linking devices, and everything you need to know about English punctuation.

Job Seeking and the Perfect CV

Lesson 8 will expose you to the process of applying for jobs, with helpful tips and common mistakes. The course educator will help you create the perfect CV and tailor it to each potential employer. You will also acquire the key skills to sell yourself in an interview, with plenty of sample questions to practice.

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