Beginner Level English Course - Past Simple

Beginner Level English Course – Past Simple

Learn how to use the past simple form of regular and irregular verbs with this free online English grammar course.

This online English language course teaches you about the Past Simple tense. It will help you talk about your past actions and events that happened in the past. To make your learning experience as easy and clear as possible, this course contains interactive visual learning content and simple audio exercises. These can be accessed via your phone or tablet and will allow you to practice listening to English anytime, anywhere.


This course will teach you how to form the past simple tense of regular verbs by adding a “”d”” or an “”ed”” or changing the spelling of irregular verbs. You will study the Past Simple form of ‘to be’ and learn how to form a Past Simple tense ‘Did…’ question such as ‘Did they go to the park?’ You will also learn how to make phrases in the English Past tense.

You will then learn how to respond to a variety of English Past tense phrases, reply in the past to English Past Simple questions such as ‘Were they in the park”” Yes, they were’, and form other English Past Simple phrases. You will learn how to form Wh + did questions and talk about things from yesterday such as ‘Where did you go yesterday’ and ‘What did you do yesterday’. You will also cover the infinitive form of English verbs.

The interactive visual learning content and audio exercises in this course will be very helpful for those who want to start learning English at a Beginner (A1) level, and you can easily go through them anytime and anywhere. Forming the past simple tense of English verbs becomes very easy once you are familiar with the regular and irregular verbs, so make sure to check out this free English course today and give your English training a really great boost!


After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Recognise words in Past Simple
  • Recognise ‘to be’ in Past Simple
  • Form a Past Simple tense “Did…” question
  • Make phrases in the Past tense
  • Make Wh + did questions
  • Talk about things from yesterday
  • Respond to a variety of Past tense phrases
  • Reply in the Past to Past Simple questions
  • Make other Past Simple phrases

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