Diploma in Nursing and Patient Care

Diploma in Nursing and Patient Care

Learn how to give good care to the elderly with the nursing procedures and practices in this free online nursing course.

This free online course in nursing and patient care will help you boost your nursing career. Nurses and nursing teams have a vital role in the care of patients in a health care setting, and the modern nurse is a highly trained professional who works in a wide variety of areas from community nursing to surgery. This free course will equip you to help many people who need medical assistance.


To help you learn how to properly care for elderly patients, you will first study the categories of human needs, the equipment used for patient care, and the guidelines for bed-making. You will then study the importance of patient personal hygiene, focusing on daily baths and proper oral care. You will also learn the importance of movement and exercise and how a back massage can help patient comfort. Next, you will study environmental health and safety awareness.

The nutritional needs and metabolism of elderly patients change as they age, which is why it is important that they get a carefully planned diet. This course will teach you the factors that influence diet, the reasons why there is a need for therapeutic diet therapy, and the standard hospital diet. You will then learn how to conduct a physical examination, collect a specimen, and measure vital signs.

Learning the best nursing care practices will not only ensure the health and safety of an elderly patient, but that of a nursing practitioner too. This Diploma in Nursing and Patient Care will be of great interest to all health care professionals who want to further their understanding of this subject. Any student who is planning to pursue a career in the nursing field will also find this course of great help. So start the course today, and learn how to give better nursing care in just a few hours.


Having completed this course you will be able to:

  • Describe the role of the nurse in patient care and patient hygiene
  • List health and safety measures for nurses
  • Describe movement and exercise routines that nurses can utilize for improved patient care
  • Summarize the role of the nurse in diet therapy
  • Describe the role of the nurse in the physical examination of the patient

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