First Aid for Mental Health

First Aid for Mental Health

This online course teaches control practices for recovery from self-harm, suicide, drug abuse and mental problems.

Anxiety and depression are common global mental health problems, while self-harm and suicide are leading causes of death among young people. This online course aims to give you an in-depth understanding of the therapies, treatments and guidelines for dealing with the symptoms and causes of mental illnesses and drug abuse. Learn how to help people recover from self-harm, prevent suicide and regain their mental health. Enrol today!


Mental health is about psychology, emotions and social health. It encompasses our approach to stress and influences how we relate to the people around us and how we make decisions. Mental health problems are common and affect one out of five young people. Nevertheless, many people do not know how to provide support and use the best treatments and services that are available. First aid for mental health, popularly referred to as ‘mental health first aid’, adopts an approach that helps people seek professional assistance, offer reassurance and support and detect the signs of mental illness.

This free online course will study the characteristics of good mental health and early signs of mental health problems. Learn how to cultivate self-awareness to help you recognise and express your emotions and control your stress levels. Moreover, we will present an overview of the roles of mental health first aiders and the advantages they bring to the workforce. You will also study the causes, symptoms and treatment of childhood and adolescent psychiatric disorders such as autistic disorder, conduct disorder and mental retardation.

Furthermore, find out the causes and symptoms of stress and anxiety disorders such as acute stress disorder, generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Similarly, we will carry out an in-depth study of schizophrenia and you will learn about the types, symptoms, medicines and therapies for treatments. In addition, we will discuss the approaches to suicide prevention and the medications and therapies for treating mental illness. We will also consider mental health crisis intervention and management models. By taking the course, you will learn how to help people regain their mental health and recover from self-harm and suicidal thoughts. Start learning now!


Having completed this course you will be able to:

  • Describe mental health first aiders and their roles in the workplace
  • Classify childhood and adolescent psychiatric disorders
  • Discuss personality disorders, including their causes, symptoms and treatments
  • Distinguish between eating disorders, sleeping disorders, suicide and self-harm.
  • Outline the medications and therapies used in the treatment of mental illness
  • Identify the relevance and importance of sound mental health policies in the workplace

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